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Heather McWilliam has made a name for herself as an inspiring leader on a global scale who encourages bravery and success. Through her message of bravery, and own personal journey to the top, she hopes to inspire people across the world to push themselves beyond their limits. She believes that brave inspires brave, that this is the foundation for building leaders of today and tomorrow. Heather is passionate about creating a brave legacy that will remain with us now and into the future. Her success is evident of what bravery can not just achieve, but also leave behind – a lasting impact that all of us can learn from and be inspired by.

"Brave is my mission for Humanity"

She is the embodiment of bravery, success, and inspiring others to reach their ultimate potential. A strong believer in “brave inspires brave,” she has dedicated her life to empowering others to reach for greatness beyond anything they ever thought possible. Through her work, Heather has cultivated a legacy of embracing one’s bravery and living with purpose that stretches far beyond any geographical boundaries. She is truly creating a brave legacy on a global scale through her brave inspiring coaching programs, events and conferences backed by some of the greatest thought leaders of our time.

Ceo & Director | Brave Inspires Brave

"The Goal of our work is to reflect the quality of light and Bravery in mankind. It is through our movement that leaders of the future are born"

As we continue to strive for bravery and success in our work, it’s important to remember that bravery often begets bravery. We not only bear the responsibility of setting a legacy of bravery and success for those who come after us, but also an example that encourages those of the present to keep pressing on with courage and strength. Our focus must remain on reflecting the quality of light and bravery within mankind, rather than settling for anything less, especially when considering how our achievements – or lack thereof – set a foundation for future generations. We are all leaders in this cause, working together to unleash the full potential of humanity’s bravery and light.

the mission.

There is no bolder or braver ambition than striving to make a difference in this world through the power of bravery, entrepreneurship and business. This can often be a daunting mission, but entrepreneurs who do not shy away from challenge will find that rewards come from daring to go beyond what others think possible. BRAVE INSPIRES BRAVE celebrates the courage of all those who take courageous steps on their brave journey into the unknown. It encourages us all – both experienced entrepreneurs and start-up veterans alike – to push ourselves forward and never give up on our dreams, so that we together can create positive societal change. Let’s join hands to exchange ideas, support one another, and use our individual powers for collective good!
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